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  • What's Mink Hair?
    Mink hair is a term applied to high-quality virgin hair, no animals are killed in the production of mink hair. Mink hair is full, luxurious, thick, soft, and sleek. Mink hair can be dyed or bleached to your desired color. Mink hair typically last 3-6 months longer than regular virgin hair.
  • How many bundles for a full head?
    3-4 bundles will be enough for a full head. Please be mindful that the longer the bundles the the thinner the weft. If you like fuller hair, 4 bundles will be good for you. Below you can see a diagram showing the different link and textures.
  • How long is shipping?
    Orders are processed within 48 hours. Shipping typically takes 3-5 days. Tracking numbers will be sent out within 48 hours.
  • Can hair be dyed or flat ironed?
    Hair can be both dyed and flat ironed. Mink hair is 100% unprocced and virgin.
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